Generic ‘About Me’ section

I grew up in Dorset. I didn’t know what I wanted to do at 18, I ventured to Australia on a gap year,  which I spent working and surfing up and down the east coast. I watched a lot of documentaries. On return to the UK, I immediately applied to Coventry University to study Media Production and I started the course later that year.

The founder of the AWF, Ed Bentham, liked the documentary work I had been producing at Coventry and took me on as an expenses paid volunteer, where I produced films at the charity base in Arona, Tenerife. This initial 6 weeks became 6 months. After this time I was appointed Creative Director and remained working with the charity for a further three years.

Moved to London in 2012 with a job at D&AD as a Self-shooting Director. I developed a high level of respect for advertising and brand communications which gave my relationship with filmmaking a new lease of life. Whilst I was there I interviewed a lot of top end creatives – and discovered I wanted a role which would allow me to produce and execute ideas simultaneously.

I left D&AD after a year, to work for what was then Blackbridge communications, then split of with part of the agency to form Overture. Both these agencies were very corporate, quite dry, but none the less enjoyable. I learnt about brand discovery and strategy, whilst honing in my film making skills by knocking out an insane amount of corporate films.

Striving for a more conceptual role, I stumbled across the role I am currently in at Mindshare Worldwide. It is most certainly my favourite job so far. I am used as a Creative, as much as I am a Film Director. Conceiving ideas to answer briefs, editing mood films, making abstract induction videos, realising 360° VR experiences, learning to code to create Raspberry Pi powered electronic paint connected installations, utilising Cinema 4D to print 3D models, being relied upon for creative direction over a range of project across a range of mediums . . . it really is a cool job.

Most of the work I produce at Mindshare is for pitches or internal use, which often has both budgetary and sensitivity issues hence you will not see a lot of this work in my online portfolio. However I am happy to show you in person should you request.

If you would like a copy of my CV, you can download it by clicking here.