Mindshare // The Future is Dark

Background: Mindshare needs to be seen to be thinking ahead within the media industry, where the spaces and platforms are being reduced at a rapid pace. It needs to be a story lead execution that can be used across markets. It needs to have an experiantial execution.

Idea: Being lovers of Sci-fi and wanting to produce something that would be memorable, we decided to take the situation to the extreme. Proposing a dystopian future where the world had been stripped off advertising . . . and the detrimental impact this had on the economy. We translated this story into a short (20min) video, which was driven by characters speaking in a Vlog setting. We then produced a digital experience of this which would allow users to go through the time periods and show the degradation over time. We created a mini-cinema in the office.

Notes: Apologies for the lack of visuals on this, due too the sensitivity of this project I cannot share much on my website. Happy to show in person.

Project Details