Monotype // Inspired by Type

Background: Monotype had been sponsoring D&AD’s content section ‘Inspired by Type’, and wanted bespoke content to align them closer to D&AD’s brand. We were tasked with producing a series of videos that would interest D&AD and Monotype’s audiences.

Idea: From the initial meetings with Monotype, it was clear it’s staff were more than enthused about their work, and type. So we focused a video series on them. Listening to them talk about their experiences/love of type. We also exploited the rich type foundries library of fonts. Discovering and re-vitalising forgotten fonts through the energy of our characters.

Results: More important than the ten’s of thousands of views, we further strengthened and secured Monotype’s sponsorship relationship with D&AD. Whilst making some geeky type content along the way.

Notes: Click here to see the rest in the series.

Project Details

Client : Monotype, D&AD
Date : 08/14/2013
Address : http://www.dandad.org/en/living-history-type-mercurius-discovered/